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THE PATT HOLT SINGERS are a world-renowned showgroup with credits ranging both nationally and abroad. From Africa to The White House and from Greenland to Bahrain, THE PATT HOLT SINGERS have maintained a tradition of excellence in the performance industry. Their music embraces both the old and the young, and shows are customized to the audience's interests, covering tunes from the World War II era on up to today's greatest hits. Different show options are available to meet your entertainment needs. Such options include a live band, full lighting, and a complete sound system.

The Patt Holt Singers - 3 groups - performed together at the White House on December 11, 2014. After their general concert for attendees entering the White House for a reception, they were asked to do a private concert for the President and First Lady. Both of them posed for a picture with the group, shook everyone's hand and had them sing. The group sung "Let There Be Peace On Earth." The President thanked them and the First Lady told them to eat their veggies. It was an amazing experience for everyone! After returning home from Washington, the group performed at Scott Air Force Base for their Christmas brunch and a performance at Old Warson Country Club.

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